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Long Island Art Leasing and Art buying for commercial and residental customers.
We know that our busy lifestyles come with a very long list of priorities, and what’s hanging on our home and office walls can often be far down that list. But we also know that the quality of our home and work environment matters, and a little artwork can go a long way. That’s why Long Island Photo Gallery has introduced Art Leasing—a complete, low-cost solution for getting great artwork for homeowners and companies.
Our turnkey service lets your entire office enjoy a rotating selection of framed, limited-edition prints from today’s best artists. Originally designed for the consumer market, it’s an affordable alternative to buying. We take care of everything—from selecting the perfect pieces to installing them. And best of all, we help keep your workspace feeling fresh and up-to-date by changing the artworks periodically, at no additional cost.  
Art leasing is a solutions that has been embraced by many well-known companies and individuals, and we encourage you to consider it as a possibility for yourself and your home or office space.  
If you’re interested, we’d be happy to set up a call to answer all of your questions.
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