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Congratulations on becoming a displaying artist with Long Island Photo Gallery!
We look forward to helping you with your photography business. Before we get started, we will need some information from you first.
We will need your mailing address, email and the best phone number to reach you.
Please send your information via email to: members@longislandphotogallerycom.
We are looking to know about YOU the artist. You can share with us how you started into photography, what drives you, and perhaps what you are passionate about with the art. The information can be sent in the body of an email, or in an attached Microsoft Word file. Please send your information via email to: members@longislandphotogallerycom.
We know, it's hard and perhaps even painful to stand on the other-side of the lens. However, we would like to 'meet' you, and for the audience to 'meet' you. The image will be used on your LIPG Website or LIPG Account depending on the membership level you chose. Please send a JPG, that is 600 pixels for the longest edge, and at 72 DPI.
Please send this image via email to: members@longislandphotogallerycom
PRO-Prime Artist only: Please provide us with any of your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) links. We will be able to connect these to your LIPG website, so that anyone can stay connected with you.
Please send your links via email to: members@longislandphotogallerycom.
We will setup your login account as soon as possible! You will receive an email with the above information along with the login credentials to get started with your image uploads. All images will go through a review process, unless you are given automatic approval. All uploaded images must be a high resolution (300 DPI) JPG file. You will be contacted via email if for any reason we need another format and/or larger file.
We need YOUR help to keep LIPG website a organized market place for fine art lovers!
All FX and DX digital SLRs, use the 2:3 aspect ratio. Now, once you make any cropping adjustment during your editing, these changes can alter the original ratio of the image. Please make sure you understand the differences so that your art is being represented correctly. We need to make sure your artwork has the right sizing option assigned to it. It helps your art to stay true to what's being shown on the website. If you have any questions, please contact service@longislandphotogallerycom.
Just like a book title your work-of-art titles should always be capitalized. For example: Majestic Sunrise, or The Bridge Of Life
When uploading your art to the site, please make sure you are selecting the best categories that fit the subject or overall scene of the image. Each image can be placed in up-to three (3) categories. However, that doesn't mean three categories need to be selected for each image you are uploading. We are constantly reviewing and cleaning up the categories to give our shoppers the best experience. Simply mistakes can hinder the shopping experience for the potential buyers. Please help us, help you with keeping our online market place clean and neat.
Regardless of membership level, not all images make it into the online store. Our fine art curators have the final say and reserve the right to choose the BEST POSSIBLE IMAGES for our store to insure that our shoppers have the BEST POSSIBLE BUYING experience.  In addition, our curators review your images on the following factors: 1.) Clear Center of Interest; 2.) Composition; 3.) Focus and Exposure; 4.) Story; 5.) Lighting; 6.) Creativity and 7.) Uniqueness. Every image stands on its own merit, regardless of the photographer's experience.

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