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Egret Preening

Spoonie Headshot

Driftwood Everywhere

Driftwood at Dawn

Blue Dawn

Tranquil Sunrise

A New Day

The Followers

One Boat

No Swimming

Swan Drinking


Incoming Spoonie

Pelican Formation

White Pelican Flight

Spoonie Flyby

Spoonie Display

St. Augustine Light Twilight

St. Augustine Nightlight

Beacon of Light

"Beacon of Light"

All in Red

Pass-A-Grille at Twilight

Pass-A-Grille Sunset

Pass-A-Grille at Twilight

What was that?

Gulfport Sunset

Tri-Colored Heron Headshot

Damn bugs!

Not Too Happy

Dryin' Out

Hey, this is my spot!

Fishin' in the Mangrove

Ran outta hair spray

Really?  On My Head??

Skimming Low

Ink A Dink A Do

Nest Building

What are you looking at, big boy?

Great White Egret Preening

Great White Egret Mating Display

Dressing Up

Lookin' For Love

Lookin' For Love

Great Blue Heron Flyby

Low Pass

Brown Pelican Portrait

Being Gross

Close Start

Off to Windward

Last-Second Drop

Hardening Up on the Wind

Keeping Clear Air

Chute Parade

Bottles Galore

Stretching Out

Gotta Scratch

Rising to the Challenge

Pelican Flight

Pelican Flight

Pink Flamingo Portrait

Fan Palm

Flamingo Pair

Waking Up

Sprucing Up

Grey Wolf Portrait

North Fork Sunset

Montauk Harbor

Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park Fountain Closeup

Savannah City Hall Full Moon

Savannah City Hall 2

Historic District Lampposts frame the Savannah City Hall Dome

Heavy Traffic

Grabbing Air

Lined Up

Scooting Along

Sky Aflame

Old San Juan

Lonely Branch

Beach Stairway

Free to Be!

Americana: Rural Conservatism

Americana: Boarded and Broken

Americana: Once Seaworthy

Americana: Coal Storage Silos

Thank You Thunderbirds And Blue Angels

Waimea Canyon

Sunset Bridge And Pier

Balancing Act

All Alone


Autumn Painting

Americana: Poor Rural Area

Second Chance

Act of God

Fire Island Buck

Fire Island Buck II

Scenic Africa

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