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Thru the Tube

Ogunquit Cairns

Gull Portrait


Peaceful Morning

Juvi Skimming


Ogunquit Cairns

Turf Wars 1

Morning Commute

Drifting Past Bug Light

Synchronized Skimming

Turf Wars 3

Ogunquit Cairns

Hummer Treat

Hummer "Raspberry"

Butterfly Feeding

Skimmer Turf Wars II

Montauk Light under the Milky Way I

Montauk Light under the Milky Way II

Lily in Black

Instant Karma's Demise II

Last Light Pano

Last Light

Lifeguards Only I

Lifeguards Only II

Graceful Curves & Color

Pink Calla Lily Pair

Salmon Calla Lily Pair

Graceful Curves & Subtle Coloration

Full House

He Pushed Me!

Calla Lily

Close-Quarters Action

Ready About!

Downwind Pack

Camillia Japonica

Orchid Trio 2

Captree Basin Sunset

Fire Island Inlet Bridge Sunset 7

Fire Island Light Reflection

Fog Rolling into Perkins Cove

Table Palm

Marathon Light Sunrise

Fireball to Fire Island

Hyannis Inner Harbor Light

New London Harbor Light

Sky Fire at Dusk

Gulls on a Stick

Fire Island Light Sunset Afterglow

Fire Island Light from the Beach

Hey, Wait for Us

Fall Colors

Dying Wind

Close Crossing

Definitely Love

Storms Onslaught

Slow Going

Watching for Traffic

Harbor Start

Crossing Tacks

Greenport Sleighride


Duelin' Chutes

Bug Light Finish

Lifeguard Patio

Fallen Fence

Harvest Moonrise

Harvest Moon Cruise

What do you mean, "Get a Room?"

Hummer Feeding 5

Hey, A Little Help Here?

This is ALL MINE!

Hummer Feeding 1

In the Tube

Double Rainbow over the Fire Island Light

Shelf Cloud over Fire Island Light

Instant Karma's Demise

Crossing Tacks

Fire Island Light from the Beach


Lily 2

Returning Home

Long Day's Cleanup

Tools of the Trade

Working Dock

End of the Day

Montauk Light - The Sentinel

Protecting "The End"

Montauk Light from the Beach

Montauk Lighthouse Portrait

"The End"

Montauk Light Lamproom Moonrise 1

Montauk Lighthouse Lamproom Moonrise 2

Captree Basin

Captree Basin Moonrise 1

Captree Basin Moonrise 2

Montauk Light Moonrise

Montauk Light Moonrise 2

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