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Times Square

City Ride



City Lights

Hudson Yards at Night

Across the River

City Lights

Brooklyn Bridge Memorial Lights

When the lights go down low

Electric Lights in the City

RFK Bridge in the Evening

Waxing Gibbous

American Dream

Midtown Manhattan Colors

City Lights on the River

George Washington Bridge

24th and Lex

Light Beams

New York City Colors

Stormy New York City

Downtown NYC in the Blue


Metlife at Night

New York City at Gantry Plaza

Empire State Building

Letchworth Falls After Sundown

Rockefeller Plaza

Christmas  at Lotte Palace Hotel

Barclays Center

Macy's on 34th

Brooklyn Bridge

Lower Manhattan Skyline

Main Street

Myrtle Ave. Promenade

Captree Sunset

Bridges at sunset

Brooklyn Bridge Blues

Manhattan Rooftop Sunset - Vertical

Montauk Lighthouse Starlight

Montauk Light under the Milky Way I

Montauk Light under the Milky Way II

Marine Parkway Bridge

NYC at night

Nighttime NY Bridges I

Montauk Lighthouse at Night

Montauk Lighthouse Tower Moonrise I

Tower Full Moon

Montauk Lighthouse "Pink" Full Moonrise II

Montauk Lighthouse Tower Moonrise II

Causeway Bridges Night Crossing

Montauk Lighthouse "Pink" Full Moonrise I

Lighthouse Deer

BC Lightning

Round and Round

Two Bridges



Pink & Green Palm Fireworks

Pink & Green Palm Fireworks

Yellow & Purple Palm Fireworks

Purple Passion Fireworks

Montauk Milky Way

Manhattan Gold - Twin Bridges in the Fog

Night Walk

Crescent Moon at The End

Dock into The Night

Dock to The End of Night

House Lost in the Night

Night House Colors

Night Time Guide

Ocean of Stars

Point of Lights


Starry Night Rest

Starry Windmill

Star Light Montauk

Flower moon

City After Sunset

Harvest Moon

Flower Moon

Venus During The Blue Hour

Moonrise Beyond Lighthouse

Crescent Moon Through The Trees

Waxing Moon & Lighthouse

Ferry At Rest

9/11 Tribute Lights I

9/11 Tribute Lights II

9/11 Tribute Lights III


Empire State Building at Night

Pepsi Cola Sign LIC

Diner at Night

Medical Center

Brooklyn Bridge I

Brooklyn Bridge II

Brooklyn Bridge III

Point of Light

Under Pale Moonlight

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