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Robert Moses Causeway In The Distance

Tiny Houses



Same Difference

Storm Watch

Ridge Adrift

Keep Watch

In Dreams

Fire Island Light

Boardwalk In Paradise

Keep To The Right

Fire Island Buck

Fire Island Buck II

Fire Island National Seashore Lighthouse

Guardian Angel


Fire Island Lighthouse

Firebird Ferry to Fire Island

A Sprinkling of Clouds

Beacon of Hope

Dark and Stormy

Alone at last

Fire Island Lighthouse

Mauve Magic

Golden Glow

Blue Hour Bliss

Cold Moonrise Over Lighthouse


Run for Cover

Holy Moses

Polite Ask

Fire Island Lighthouse with Welcome Sign

Fire Island National Seashore

Winter's Dance

Sanderlings II

Fire Island Lighthouse, look above!

Fire Island Light Cloudy Moonrise

Fire Island Light Reflection

Jones Beach Watertower

Sky on Fire

Water Tower Moonrise 2

Lamproom Moonrise 2

Morning Rays

Early Morning Surf

Shoreline Oasis

Morning Beachscape

Long Island Morning Light with Storm BridgeSeries 3

Sand Dunes

Windswept Dunes

Beach Fencing Along the Dunes


Fire Island Morning Walk

Fire Island Lighthouse - 5

Fire Island Lighthouse - 2

Fire Island Lighthouse - 4

Fire Island Lighthouse - 9

Fire Island Lighthouse - 10

Protecting the Dunes

Stabalizing the Dunes

Stabalizing the Dunes


Atop the Fire Island Lighthouse Looking East

Marsh Meadow

Fire Island Lighthouse From The Dunes - Remastered

Nightfall at Fire Island Lighthouse BW

Fire Island Lighthouse From The Dunes

Fire Island Lighthouse and Lens Building

Season's Door

Lightning at Sunset

Fire Island Night Flight

Inlet Bridge

Inlet  Bridge

October Reflections

Fire Island Light Moonrise

Wading Birds

Welcome to Fire Island

The Gurardian

Natural Barrier

Fire Island Lighthouse

Rainbow Light

Reflection Of A Summer Day

Yet Another Lighthouse

Working Late

Sunset- Robert Moses Dune Trail

Super Surf

Sea shells

Oh Seal-ly me

Different sunset perspective

BNW Lighthouse

Art of Karma

Beacon of Light

Walking to the Fire Island Lighthouse

Lighting the Way 2

Path to the Light

Center of the Sky

Lighting the Way

Patriotic Lighthouse

Beacon of Light

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