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Fly Off

Singled Out

Great Blue Heron Flyby

Dipping a Wingtip

Egret Display

Sigh, all that work for nothing

What?  Still No Takers?

Enjoying the Afternoon Sun

Returning Home

Fluffing up for the Display

Anyone Looking?

Graceful Arch

Tending the Nest

Egret Preening

Spoonie Headshot

Swan Drinking

Incoming Spoonie

Pelican Formation

White Pelican Flight

Spoonie Flyby

Spoonie Display

All in Red

What was that?

Tri-Colored Heron Headshot

Damn bugs!

Not Too Happy

Dryin' Out

Hey, this is my spot!

Fishin' in the Mangrove

Ran outta hair spray

Really?  On My Head??

Skimming Low

Ink A Dink A Do

Nest Building

What are you looking at, big boy?

Great White Egret Preening

Great White Egret Mating Display

Dressing Up

Lookin' For Love

Lookin' For Love

Great Blue Heron Flyby

Low Pass

Brown Pelican Portrait

Being Gross

Stretching Out

Gotta Scratch

Rising to the Challenge

Pelican Flight

Pelican Flight

Pink Flamingo Portrait

Flamingo Pair

Waking Up

Sprucing Up

Balancing Act

Pretty in Pink

The Eyes Have It

The Look

Flying Away

Anhinga Display

The Chase

Stork vs Bee

Nesting Ahninga

Hey!  You're in my light

The Chase


Nailed Landing

Uh Oh! Looks Pretty Dark Down There

Don't talk with your mouth full

Your attention please! Dinner is now being served


Last Dive

Always one to screw up "Nap Time"

Heee Yaaah!!!

Kung Fu Dustup

Hey!  No Fair Choking

Rising Like the Phoenix

Getting Dunked


Synchronized Fishing


Beach Bums

Snowy Egret II

Heron Hunter in Black and White

House Sparrow

Pelicans Fly II

Eyes of Icarus

Alpine Glow Short Eared Owl

Wilson Plover in Flight

The Roost

Morning Flight

Three Flamingos

The Fledgling

Sanderlings II

Me!, Me!

On the Hunt

Definitely Love

What do you mean, "Get a Room?"

On the Hunt 2

On the Hunt 3

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