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Ruddy Turnstone

Brown Pelican

Wading Birds

Birds Peering at the Pier

Flight of the Gulls


Flying Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

The Conversation


Seagul In Flight

Swan at Peace

Swan Reflection

The Great Dance

Snowy Owl

Great Horned Owl

Calm Day At Huntington Lighthouse

Mother & Child

Hey, what about me?

Soaring High

Shelter Island Osprey


Solitary Swan

Baby Blue Heron

Snow Owl

The Take Off

Song Sparrow

Mute Swan

Piping Plover

Dinner Time


Mallard in the Marsh

Osprey Takeoff

Crashing Waves

I love sunflower seeds!

Soaring High

Cygnet in Twilight

Peeking Woodpecker

North Shore Runway

Love Pigeons

Flying Free

Winter Wings

Icy Reflections

Barred Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

American Kestral

Red-Tailed Hawk

Great Horned Owl


Tree-line Patrol

Group Think

Pelicans Fly

Gull In Flight

Sunrise Snowy

Female Wood Duck

Under the Canopy

Raptor Sunset

Flock of the Super Moon

Beep Beep

Feelin Fine

Early Morning Lookout

Sitting Pretty

Ruffled Bird

Keeping Watch

Nickerson Tern



Black-Crowned Night Heron

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Follow Me

Making Ripples

Waiting for Dinner #2

Trap Pond Cormorant

Roseate Spoonbill I

African Skimmers

Snowy Egret

Majestic Peacock

Scarlet Macaw

Purple Heron

Little Bee-Eater

White-Fronted Bee-Eater

White Crowned Lapwing

Yellow Breasted Sunbird

Yellow Hornbill



Focused Hunter

Determined Hunter


On the Move

Morning Hunter

Patient Hunter

Great Blue Heron I

Swans on the Pond

Great Egret Preening

More, please!

Reach for the Sky

Ospreys Building Their Nest

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