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Aprés Irene

Flight through fog

Smokey Waters

Swan Light

Endless Love

Fire Island Inlet Bridge in Black and White

Night Heron

Early birds

Graceful landing

Bird on a Branch


Boat in water with bird on top

Alone With His Thoughts

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

My Little Titmouse

Snowy Egret I

Great Egret

Walking Bird

Piping Plovers

Feathered Friend

Winging It

Walking on Water

Misty Morning

Tranquil Moment

Beach Gulls in Winter

Blue and Gold Macaw

Flight in Fire


Ghost in Flight

Gulls on a Stick

Definitely Love

What do you mean, "Get a Room?"

Hummer Feeding 5

Hey, A Little Help Here?

This is ALL MINE!

Hummer Feeding 1

I got this

Morning Stroll

Gadwalls in Flight

Beach and Gulls

Swan through Lush Bridge

Three of a Kind


Tag Team

Follow the Leader

Party Crashers

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Lunch Time

That Moment of Hesitation

Gay Peacock

Cruising in Antartica

Eyes Wide Open

Land of Ice

Just Ducky

Defending his Territory

The Gift

Spoonie on approach

Here I come!


Egret Pair Repose

Roseate Display

Lookin' for Love

Posing Pelican

Phoenix Rising

In Flight

Duck Ruckus

Duck Panic

Pelican on Post

Black Skimmers Over Beach Chairs

Roseate Spoonbill Watercolor

Roseate Spoonbill in Flight

Diagonal Black Skimmers Over Water

Golden Egret

Snowy Egret on Post

Great White Egret Preening

Egret Silhouettes

Great White Egret Fishing

Osprey Perch

Skimming Pairs

Nest Building

Mother & Child 2

Hummingbird Feeding

On the Hunt

Egret Portrait

Settling in for the Night

Great South Bay Sunset 3

Swan Take Off

Cardinal After Nemo

Egret at Sunrise

Yoga on the Beach

Seagull #023


Cardinal in Snow

On three, column left!

Aerial Ballet

Egret Silhouette

Whoa! Lunch!

Egret Preening

Great Blue "Rainbow" Heron

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