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Paddle Out

Windy Moments

Great Blue Heron Flyby

Dipping a Wingtip

Fluffing up for the Display

Anyone Looking?

Graceful Arch

Tending the Nest

Egret Preening

Incoming Spoonie

Pelican Formation

White Pelican Flight

Spoonie Flyby

Spoonie Display

Fishin' in the Mangrove

Really?  On My Head??

Skimming Low

Nest Building

Great White Egret Mating Display

Dressing Up

Lookin' For Love

Lookin' For Love

Great Blue Heron Flyby

Low Pass

Brown Pelican Portrait

Being Gross

Close Start

Off to Windward

Last-Second Drop

Hardening Up on the Wind

Keeping Clear Air

Chute Parade

Rising to the Challenge

Pelican Flight

Pelican Flight

Heavy Traffic

Grabbing Air

Lined Up

Scooting Along

Free to Be!

Sunrise Surfing

Flying Away

Stork vs Bee

The Chase


Nailed Landing

Uh Oh! Looks Pretty Dark Down There

Don't talk with your mouth full

Your attention please! Dinner is now being served

And, they're Off!

On the Start

Light Air Reach

Rounding the Windward Mark

Setting the Chute

Dueling Chutes

Overlapped Chutes

Rounding the Windward Mark

Rounding the Windward Mark

Busy Start

Overlapped Fleet

On the Line

On the Start

Overlapped to Windward

Jockeying for Position

Last-second takedown

Last Dive

Heee Yaaah!!!

Kung Fu Dustup

Hey!  No Fair Choking

Rising Like the Phoenix

Getting Dunked


Synchronized Fishing


The Fishermen's Net

Eyes of Icarus

Go Fly A Kite!

Montauk Point SurfCasters

12 Metre Close Start


Chutes Up!

Freedom preps her Chute

Hot Pursuit

Crossing Tacks

Port Tack Out Ahead

OMG!  This is Huge!

Power Exit

Me!, Me!

On the Hunt

On the Hunt 2

On the Hunt 3

Giraffe in the Wild

Zebras in flight

Black & Gold

Limbs of Light

Crossed Swords

Festival of Color

A Memorable Tribute

Color Wheel

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